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enteteLunch Menu
From Monday to Saturday
(Restaurant closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for lunch
from November to March)

Starter + main course or main course + dessert : 31 € per person
Starter + main course + dessert :  38 € per person

Grilled fillet of sardines from Saint-Gilles,
wheat semolina with fresh herbs and crushed tomatoes
Terrine of oxtail with gribiche sauce, mesclun salad mix

Carpaccio of wild shrimps, vinegar dressing with citrus fruits and herbs
[supplément 7 €]
ornement inter plat
Roasted cod fish from Brittany, aioli parsley coulis  and potatoes
Supreme of poultry from Challans with candied lemon,
sparkling white wine sauceand vegetables of the season
Fillet of beef from Aubrac Rossini way,
Chinon red wine sauce, potatoes and summer vegetables
[supplément 15 €]
ornement inter plat
Fresh and matured cheeses by Rodolphe Le Meunier
[supplément 5€]
Apple and Toblerone®: apple aspic with creamy caramelia,
Toblerone® ice cream
Crème brûlée-like cream with Touraine saffron,
red berry medley and mini meringues
Alliance of white peach and raspberry,
crusty puffed rice, red fruits sorbet


Contact & Accès

Restaurant Le 36
Le Choiseul,
36 Quai Charles Guinot,
37400 Amboise

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Tél : 02 47 30 63 36

tous les jours,
de 12h à 14h le
19h15 à 21h030 le

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